2007-03-25 - Solutions
To supply as complete a service as possible, am-pack operates with a few subcontract packagers, to offer a complete packaging service. They solve all the problems at the start, completely freeing your company from daily management, with a perfect final result guaranteed.

2007-03-20 - Pack-design
The best in clothing Am-pack offers you all their experience in the field, supplying and suggesting the best shapes and materials for “clothing” and giving value to your products just as you wish. Careful attention paid to your specific problem and extensive knowledge of the market offers mean that our technicians can suggest the best solution for your packaging or protection needs.

2007-03-07 - Ecology
Am-pack is very attentive to ecology and has studied a type of packaging that reduces the amount of material to a minimum, introducing a tubular that shrinks down to 80%. This means we can create a trestle, which is joined to the item by the tubular and can be personalised and hung on the display unit. The trestle can be made from cardboard or various plastic materials, punched and printed in line with the product.