The most adaptable. Skin-pack is very widely used in the large scale retail trade, and is made by placing the products on a sheet of printed and treated cardboard, the machine then applies a sheet of plastic (polythene, surlyn or other material) over it, and the air is then sucked out so that the sheet adheres to the product and seals it to the cardboard. This way the product is imprisoned very firmly between the cardboard and the plastic fully protected from the outside (dust, rust or other). This special feature is highly appreciated for storing spare parts. Excellent transparent quality, difficulty in opening, no dies or unusual shapes, the ability to adapt to any shape are all qualities that make skin-pack the most flexible and suitable packaging for displays or storage.

Printed and treated skin-pack sheets, punches, position templates, shears, plastic material (surlyn, polythene, ecoskin) are just a few of the products that am-pack can offer you.